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I Can Take the Wheel

Have I ever been your shoulder? Have I ever kissed your tears? Hidden behind this screen Hiding all your fears I know you’ve been my ear Have I ever been yours? Do you tell me all you feel? Or do you still lock your doors? I may not see your face But I know when something’s wrong Still you try to hide it Determined to stay strong But you don’t always have to be I can be your strength Let

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Thou Shalt Covet Thy Brother's Wife

John was extremely grateful to his brother Sam and his wife Judy when he returned to England from Germany. The three-year contract as a chemical engineer had ended and so it was time to come back home. The only problem was, he had nowhere to live. The house he was negotiating to buy wouldn’t be available for another three months. “Come and stay with us, we have the room, and Judy would love

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Emmanuelle: part three

I settled myself on the sofa in Sophie’s room. I was beginning to wonder why I had booked a room for myself? Thus far I had not spent either of the two nights I had been at the hotel in it. I reflected that it was as well that Anne had taken a suite, as she would need a large bed to accommodate her, Emily and my friend Emm. I wondered what they were doing? Emm was no doubt on her knees

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Netflix and Chill

Carrying a large bowl of popcorn, Tami plopped down on the couch with an exaggerated sigh, “Ugh! I can’t believe we’re both in watching Netflix on a Friday night.” Jake smiled as he reached across Tami and grabbed a handful of popcorn, “Well, I can believe you are. I’m absolutely stunned about myself!” Giving her best friend a playful shove, Tami laughed, “Are you kidding me? You are the

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Kimmi is Fucked

I was laying in my bed anxiously awaiting the arrival of Mr. B, I wore a black corset, black fishnet stockings, and a black choker. My large breasts were desperately trying to free themselves from the tight corset. I was feeling brave and adventurous tonight. He had a key to my apartment and I had told him to let himself in. We had been dating for about seven months now and I had never

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Should you check out the high end escort London at her household, you need to do that

Going to an high class courtesan London location of work needs to be a pleasant practical experience for the each of you. You need to not enter an high class independent escorts London ‘s place of function with dirty footwear. Several clientele neglect that escorts invest a great deal of time and power cleaning their apartments or locations of work. So going to her home with shoes just isn’t a thing you should do. In the event you leave a muddy trail in an london photo models escorts ‘s bathroom, you must not count on the high class escorts London to adore you at all. While it really is probable that a client can get into an gorgeous escorts ‘s apartment with dirty shoes and leave a trail of mud unknowingly, this really is still frustrating towards the high end escorts London when it really is time to clean the carpets to clear the muddy footprints. It doesn’t have to be mud, but nonetheless, creating the female London escorts do added work when she didn’t strategy it is going to not make you her preferred particular person.

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Yesterday and Today I Sucked a Cock – Part 2

I recently posted a story telling of how I went to a bus station to meet guys to suck my cock and how the situation got reversed and I ended up sucking my drop dead gorgeous sister’s boyfriend. I’m Tyler a thirty-year old bachelor with a hot sexy eighteen-year old sister. She has a handsome hunk of a boyfriend named Toby. I frequently visited the bus station to get sucked off by men as I

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Don't Use Mom's Panties Part 2

I had watched my brother masturbate earlier that day.  I had caught him using a pair of Mom’s panties.  That was not good.  I didn’t want to get him into trouble so I gave him a pair of mine.  It was a fascinating and exciting experience watching him stroke his cock. Now, later in the night, I had been brushing my hair in my room when there was a light knock on the door. I knew it was him. 

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Portland House

Chapter One Paul had just finished refurbishing the fourth of his flats. He had retired from the British Army last year just after his wife had died. With his pension and his rental income, he could live well. His mobile rang, it was his old Commanding Officer, Colonel George Portland. Paul said, “Good evening sir, what a wonderful surprise. How are you?” George replied, “I am fine, but

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My cuckqueen wife

It all started out innocently enough. My newlywed wife and I were at a friend’s pool party. Plenty of alcohol had been ingested and everyone was having a good time. One of the people there was an old roommate of my wife in college. They had started living together in the dorms and eventually got a small apartment together. Directly after college, Tiffany took an overseas job and was not able

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